The college’s sole statutory student cell, known as the Student Activity Cell (SAC), represents the college’s student body. Under the direction of the SAC Convener and Dean of Student Welfare, the SAC and its clubs manage all college-level events.

The committee, in conjunction with other professionals and our student leaders, will offer students opportunities in leadership, social responsibility, citizenship, as well as build a forum for the cultural, educational, and social involvement of all students.

The extracurricular activities include bands, athletics, student publications, literary, acting & theatre, music, and cultural pursuits. Student activities make a positive impact on the environment as these are dedicated to helping students in developing their personality, perception, learning and attitude.

Through their participation in events and organizations supported by the office, students will communicate a sense of community and demonstrate a level of satisfaction and pride in being affiliated with GBPEC.

Based on the interest shown by the students following clubs are made-

  • Auditorium
  • Cultural
  • Band
  • Tech (Sound & light)
  • Dance club (step up)
  • Photography
  • Cinematography
  • Media and publication
  • Marketing team
  • Abhivyakti (Social & nukkad)
  • Technical
  • Art and craft
  • Discipline team
  • Entrepreneurship (E-Cell)
  • Event management
  • Anchoring
  • Literary & debate
  • Pixal (Movie)
  • Takshilla (Coding)
  • Web development

SAC Management

Dr. Preeti Dimri
OiC, Student Activity Center