Art and Cultural Society

India has a long history in the performing arts. The great Indian epics have always formed the theme for many of our plays. The performing arts include dance, music, theatre and literature in its most compact definition. GBPIET, Pauri Garhwal has a number of societies catering to performing arts, the most significant among them the Literary and Cultural society and the Film and Music society functioning under the common umbrella of the Student Activity Centre. These societies present the students a conduit to bring out their extra academic talents. The benefits of extra academic activities and a venue for their performance cannot be overstated. These societies have a number of satellite societies attached to them.

The Art and Cultural Society looks after literary, drama and cultural activities. It arranges debates, quizzes and a variety of other competitions both inter-GBPIET and intra-GBPIET. It also organizes the GOONJ every year.

The Film and Music Society conducts music competitions and organizes the Celebrity GBPIET every year wherein great musicians give enthralling performances. A number of films from India and abroad as well as a week long film festival are its other activities.


  • Cultural Club

    Celebrating Diversity, Promoting Understanding, and Building Community 

    • Promoting a vibrant campus experience through organizing innumerable activities pertaining to the performing arts and cultural activities bringing people from all walks, interests, and ethnicity come together in ways that stimulate lifelong learning, and community interaction.
    • The club aims to promote exposure and to increase the awareness of the students towards the finer arts of the world. The club also acts as a forum to improve one’s communication skills, expressivity and critical thinking power. Various enjoyable events are conducted under this club which not only entertain but also enrich our understanding of various different cultures and practices and introduce us to new exotic art forms from around the globe.
  • Art & Craft Club

    Creativity, Community, and Personal Growth

    • The Art and Craft Club is a creative community that aims to foster artistic expression, cultivate craftsmanship, and provide a supportive environment for members to explore various art and craft forms.
    • Our Art and Craft Club is a vibrant community of artists and crafters who come together to celebrate creativity, cultivate craftsmanship, and support each other’s artistic endeavours. Through workshops, exhibitions, outreach programs, and community engagement, our club provides opportunities for members to learn new skills, express themselves artistically, and connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for art and craft.
  • Abhivyakti Club

    Welcome to the vibrant world of creativity and expression! 

    • The name Abhivyakti itself stands for “to express or abhivyakt”. Abhivyakti Club is dedicated to promoting arts and providing a platform for our members to showcase their creativity and talents.
    • Our club aims to promote cultural awareness and appreciation by exploring and showcasing different art forms and cultural traditions. We encourage members to embrace diversity and learn from each other’s cultural backgrounds and artistic influences.


  • Auditorium Club

    A paradise for thinkers, readers and speakers!


    • Improves the communication skills, overcoming stage fear
    • To help to prepare students to work in a team, managing events in accordance with anchoring
    • Making students be able to express themselves clearly
    • Boosting confidence of the students with active participation
    • Helps students to come up with creative ideas that are novel and can make a difference