Games and Sports Society

Physical Education and Sports are “an integral part of the total education process in the field of endeavour which has its aim. The development of physically, mentally, emotionally and socially fit citizens through the medium of physical activities has been selected with a view of realising these outcomes”. Keeping this as a background, the institute endeavours to develop infrastructure facilities and physical activities. The Games and Sports provide ample opportunities to develop physical health, positive personality, ethical, moral and social values by encouraging mass participation through various sports activities to all students admitted to the Institute.

  • To encourage the students to participate in games and sports activities.
  • To organize athletic meet or games and sports meet at the inter-institute/ university level.
  • To encourage the Institute teams in cricket, kabaddi, football, volleyball, basketball (men & women), table tennis (men & women), tennis, badminton (men & women), weightlifting and athletics (men & women), to participate in the Inter-University/Inter-College tournaments.

The Institute maintains excellent fitness facilities and playgrounds with an attractive stadium provision for Athletics (Track and Field), Basketball, Badminton, Cricket, Kho-Kho, Kabaddi, Football, Tennis, and Volleyball and equipped fitness centre. Students have made the best utilization of the facilities. They have indoor games facilities inside the hostel compound. Games and Sports Society specially organise coaching sessions for various sports and games to help students excel in their respective sports discipline and extend excellent opportunities to participate at University/National levels.

The Society conducts various activities like
  • Organizing intractual and extramular competitions for students.
  • Encouraging students’ participation in Inter-Collegiate, University and another open tournaments across the country.
  • Organizing Inter-GBPIET JOSH tournaments and open tournaments in various sports and games.
  • Organizing coaching campus in various games and workshops.
  • Preparing teams for extramular Competitions.
  • Organizing orientation programme for freshers in various games.
  • Organizing tournaments in various games for Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff.

Games and Sports Society Management

Dr. Amit Kumar
OiC, Sports