For the smooth functioning of T&P Cell, the following faculty members are assigned with additional responsibility of departmental placement coordinators for the session 2022-23 to look after the various activities under Training and Placement Cell. All the mentioned faculty coordinators have to perform all the duties and responsibilities as assigned by OiC (T&P) time to time.

1. Dr. Suresh Chandra Phulara, Assistant Professor, BTD
2. Dr. B G R Gandhi, Assistant Professor, CED
3. Mr. Abhishek Gupta, Assistant Professor, CSED
4. Mr. Pushkar Praveen, Assistant Professor, ECED
5. Dr. Sachin Negi, Assistant Professor, EED
6. Dr. Siddharth Ghansela, Assistant Professor, MCA
7. Mr. Sumit Rana, Assistant Professor, MED

In addition to this, Mr. Akash Singh Bisht (Non-Teaching Staff) will continue to assist the T&P cell for the session 2022-23.