Film and Music Society

Entertainment plays a vital role in refreshing tired minds and renewing enthusiasm. This society takes care of that aspect. Its work includes inviting experts/exponents in varied forms of music and dance to impart training to our students, screening movies on regular basis in the M. G. Auditorium for students and the staff members, organizing an annual music night, annual photography contest, conducting celebrity night during the cultural festival, conducting a weeklong film festival once in a year and facilitating the practice sessions for the students. Under its purview are various music bands and dance clubs which provide unique chance for the upcoming engineers to try something new and entertain others. It creates a trult multi-cultural environment by promoting music, dance and drama.


  • Photography Club

    Capturing Moments, Building Skills, and Inspiring Creativity

    • Our Photography Club is a community of photography enthusiasts who are passionate about capturing moments, building photography skills, and inspiring creativity.
    • Through workshops, outings, and exhibitions, our club aims to provide opportunities for members to improve their photography skills, explore different genres of photography, and showcase their work to a wider audience. We foster a supportive and inclusive environment where members can learn from each other, share their knowledge and experiences, and inspire each other’s creativity.


  • Cinematography Club
    • Our Cinematography Club is a community of filmmakers who are passionate about the art of capturing images and creating compelling stories through the lens.
    • Our aim is to foster a supportive environment where we provide opportunities for skill development, creative expression, and networking, with the goal of promoting the art of cinematography and elevating our local filmmaking community.
    • Throughout the year, we’ll be organizing workshops, screenings, and collaborative projects that will allow you to enhance your cinematography skills, explore creative techniques, and connect with like-minded individuals who share the same passion for visual storytelling.


  • Band Club
    • Our Band Club is a place where you can pursue your musical passions, connect with fellow musicians, and make memories that will last a lifetime.
    • Our aim is to foster a vibrant musical community where members can connect, collaborate, and grow as musicians. We provide opportunities for learning, performance and friendship, with the goal of creating a supportive environment where music flourishes.